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Welcome to Walpole Youth Cheerleading!  We are thrilled to have you participating in our cheer program.  Please see below for your squad placement for the 2017 season. 


NOTE: Practices will begin the first week of August.  Your coaches will be reaching out to you regarding specific days and times as the season approaches.  During the month of August the choreographers creating our competition routines will be spending a few practices working with each squad. As soon as we have your squad’s choreography schedule, we will provide those dates to you.  While all practices are important in our eyes, please be sure you’re available for these sessions in particular.  Practices will move indoors starting in September.  


In addition to practices and cheering at football games, all squads participate in our annual Spirit Party (cheerleader/coach only event) and a Pep Rally at the High School (a chance for all squads to show off their competition routines to family, friends and our football counterparts).  Dates for these evening events will be announced at a later time.  Squads A thru D will be competing at the FSU Cheer Invitational at Framingham State, Baystate League’s Local State Qualifying Event at Bellingham High and our State Competition (location TBA).  Our youngest squad (E) will compete only at the FSU Cheer Invitational.  Our oldest squads (A & B) may be eligible to advance past States to our Regional competition and possibly even to the AYF Championships in Florida!


*** Uniform / Paperwork Night ***    

Walpole Youth Cheer provides a uniform for all cheerleaders. The uniform must be returned at the end of the season.  We ask that it be laundered (according to manufacturer’s instructions) prior to being returned and be returned in the condition it was received. 

There will be two mandatory uniform fitting nights offered this season.  The first takes place on Wednesday, May 24th  at Conrad’s Restaurant in Walpole from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.  The second will be held on Tuesday, May 30th at Conrad’s Restaurant in Walpole from 6:00 – 8:00p p.m.  Parents are welcome to bring their girls at any time during the 6-8pm window.  Cheerleaders MUST attend one of these nights but not both. Orders have to be processed together and no late orders will be allowed, to ensure we keep the costs down.  We will be located in Conrad’s banquet room located at the rear of the restaurant.  The banquet room has it’s own door accessed thru the back parking lot.  Please enter thru the banquet room door and not thru the restaurant or bar.


Please be sure to bring with you all the printed registration forms that were provided electronically during the online registration process as well as a Health Form from your doctor indicating you’re able to participate in our program.  If you will not have your annual physical prior to August please be sure to use the Medical Clearance Form that printed during online registration and have it completed by your doctor.  If you did not print the forms when you registered, simply log back into: www.login.siplay.com and print all 9 forms available.  If you have not cheered with us before, we will also need you to bring an original birth certificate.  A copy of your last school report card will be required at the end of the school year and can be forwarded to: Walpole Youth Cheerleading, c/o Registrar Susan Wilson, 20 Clarkson Drive, Walpole, MA 02081.  Trailing documents may also be emailed to Sue at: walpolecheerregistrar@gmail.com. 


Please be prepared to purchase uniform accessories as needed. The bulk of the accessories will be purchased online thru our GTM team store.  Pom poms will be purchased by WYFC in a bulk order, therefore please be prepared to pay via credit card, check or cash during uniform/paperwork night for these items only.


  • Each cheerleader MUST  have (or place an order for) a WYC track suit.  Samples will be available for fitting purposes.  This item will be purchased thru our online GTM team store.
  • All cheerleaders MUST have (or place an order for) Bloomers and crop tops.  Samples will be available for fitting purposes.  These items will be purchased thru our online GTM team store.
  • All cheerleaders MUST have (or place an order for) Zephz Zenith cheer sneakers.  A fitting tool will be available for fitting purposes.  These items will be purchased thru our online GTM team store.
  • All cheerleaders MUST  have ( or place an order for) pom poms.   WYC will be placing a bulk order for these items.
  • Optional – various Walpole Cheer items and game day approved accessories will also be available for order thru our online GTM team store.  
  • Walpole Cheer T-Shirt’s are included in your registration again this year.  These will be distributed in early August.  Please be sure to confirm with us that we have your proper t-shirt size that was originally entered in the registration system. 

All of the above items will belong to you and can be used from season to season.  


We are looking forward to another successful season and can’t wait to see you all at uniform night!  As always, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.  walpolecheer@gmail.com 

A Squad B Squad C Squad D Squad E Squad
2017 Walpole Youth Cheer Squad Placements


Alison Head-Saulnier


Michelle Dowd


Debbie Norton


Tina Cicci    


Debbie Butters

Asst: Courtney Doherty Asst: Jeanne Flippin Asst: Colleen Gray Asst: Heidi Valle

Asst: Jen Johnson

Asst: Sam McChesney Asst: Lisa Spillane Asst: Jess Kirby Asst: Michelle Jones Asst: Christine Clancy
Asst: Kerri Boudreau Asst: Kayla Cipriano   Asst: Kerri Boudreau  
T Spencer K Folwell A Della Valle B Carmichael J Butters
H Mulligan M Daly M Murphy E Daly B Clancy
A Gay G Lane A Weatherbee M Cotter S Johnson
R Danna M Feener S Shea L Jones A Fraone
S Hollander M Tyszka C Beals S Caulfield A Lastarza
C King L Donnelly K Bradford L Donaldson H Hill
S O'Connell T Holmes L Arnold K Connolly  
B Norton S Kenvin M McDonald E Weddleton  
B Carey M Dowd M Norton J Shone  
N Martin C Borchardt A Tyszka A Daher  
B Faulkner K Wilson D Kaselis V DiSipio  
C Deasy E Malinn K McKeen A Anderson  
M Dority S Bredmehl S Peters F Tyszka  
M Head-Saulnier G Flippin H McCarthy S Denehy  
A McDonald A Roof N Schuster S Valle  
A Cunningham A Bowman A Gondelman A Gillespie  
A Boudreau K Kilroy M Molliver M Hayes  
  D Danna L Koepenick G Qualter  
  S Holbrook M Kirby A Buckley  
    M Gray E Cicci  
      M Boudreau  
      G Hasenjaeger  
      K McDonald  
      M Benoit